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Create Your Own: DIY Gifts That You Can Share With Loved Ones

Choosing gifts can be tricky for some loved ones, especially when they are DIY enthusiasts. We have a solution for this, though, since you can purchase create your own or DIY gift selections from our company, Work Home Play. You have a wide selection from which to choose too, which makes it easy to locate the right gift for those do-it-yourselfers on your list for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions. 

Examples of Our DIY Gift Ideas 

Transformer/Truck – This is a DIY kit that will provide hours of fun for both adults and children. The recipient of this gift can make either item or both of them if he or she desires. It comes with all of the necessary parts, tools and instructions. 

Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm – A creative activity for children or adults with this DIY gift. Every kit comes with everything necessary to make up to five tubes of lip balm. Whoever you give this to just needs to melt the included lip base and add one of the three fragrances that is also in the kit, namely Salted Caramel Cupcake, Passionflower or Raspberry Sundae. 

Fresh Cheese Making Kit – With this kit, you or a loved one can make fresh artisan cheese. It comes with cheese cloth, square feta moulds, cheese salt, mesophillic starter culture, steriliser, vegetarian rennet tablets, cheese mat, stainless steel thermometer, calcium chloride, culture and enzyme measuring spoons and a pipette along with complete instructions. 

DIY Wall Clock – This kit creates a unique clock for the wall. The do-it-yourselfer can personalise the clock to suit his or her décor by adjusting its size. Each of the silver-toned aluminium hour markers and numbers come with adhesive backing for ease of attachment to the wall. The clock’s mechanism is powered by a single 'AA' battery that is not included in the kit. 

Eggling Crack & Grow Basil Kit – Give this DIY gift to someone with a green thumb who loves to garden. With a tap of a spoon, the recipient can crack open the top of the shell. After this, he or she just needs to add some water and expose the planter to the sun to encourage the basil to sprout and thrive. 

To view more examples of our DIY gifts or learn additional facts about the above ones, feel free to browse through our website. Also, we have a wide assortment of other types of gifts available for your consideration. We promise to deliver your order in a timely and an accurate manner. You will truly feel the inspiration to give when you see all that we have to offer.

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