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Food Preparation Items Online: Your Best Kitchen Companions

Work Home Play is an innovative importer of unique, eclectic, clever and highly attractive items for use at home, in the office and for leisure activities for all members of your family. WorkHomePlay’s buying agents scour the globe in search of those special products that cheer and uplift, delight and intrigue. These creatively designed products are wonderful, unusual gifts for all occasions throughout the year.

WorkHomePlay supports creative and individual expression, and its specialized gift items all represent unique artistic ideas and designs. Leaders and staff members of this fresh, appealing company have succeeded at offering one-of-a-kind, well-designed gift items that are truly uniquely fun and funky. This unusual and versatile online store has achieved its goal of offering a truly innovative and creative inventory of gift items at very affordable prices.

Your Ideal Kitchen Companions—Food Preparation Items from Work Home Play

You, your family and friends will all delight in the fascinating selection of unique food preparation items for use in all home kitchens today. Some of these special kitchen companions available for brightening your kitchen and simplifying meal and snack preparations include the following:

Egg Cup - UFO. - This clever, super-fun and funky egg cup is truly "out of this world." When placed in the cup, your egg will resemble a true-to-life UFO. This design has three landing legs for supporting your supernatural egg in a holding pattern indefinitely, hovering just over your breakfast plate. There is even a designated spot for "toast soldiers" to rest around the outer edge of this culinary space vehicle.

However, with this clear and very creative egg cup design, your breakfast is safe from being declared an Unidentified Flying Object to be quarantined for further observation. After enjoying a delightful laugh of surprise, you or the recipient of your gift can relax and eat your breakfast egg in contemporary space age style. This delightful gift is currently available on the Work Home Play website for just $12.50.

Berry Crumble Dessert Dish. - With this stylish Retro Kitchen baking dish made of high fired porcelain, you and your entire household can feast on your favourite berry crumble in no time. This attractive dish design is perfect for serving your treat right out of the oven, and the crumble recipe is printed right on the dish. Just follow the recipe, bake your delicious dessert delight, serve and enjoy! Your stylish dessert dish measures 30 by 21 by 5 cm., and it will arrive in a festive gift box. This item is dishwasher safe for convenient use. This attractive and unique item is the ideal gift for Mother's Day as well, and it can be yours or Mother's for just $29.95. 

Cheese Knives in Wooden Block. - This attractive natural Timber Block comes with four quality cheese knives for stylish serving at your spring and summer patio parties or your weekend wine-and-cheese tastings. Printed text on the block itself reads 'Premium Quality Natural Cheese', and what better way to serve your fine, all-natural and organic cheeses than with this clever, refined timber block holder with optimal quality cheese knives? This specialized set is the ideal choice for a hostess gift or for Mother's Day, and you can order it today for only $39.00. 

When you select your gifts from the unique, specialized and clever selection now available from Work Home Play (WorkHomePlay.com.au), you are sure to surprise and delight family members, friends, teachers and co-workers. WorkHomePlay specializes in presenting an eclectic, fun and funky yet attractive and practical array of creative items suitable for use and enjoyment throughout the year for home life, the workplace and many leisure pursuits. Visit this intriguing site today for viewing and selecting the most unusual and delightful gifts ever.

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