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Funky Shelves and Storage Products that Rock! Available Online at Work Home and Play Store

When including storage products in your home decor, why not store your belongings in style? Whether your choice is funky shelves, unique vintage book boxes or colourful storage cubes, you can find them all online at the Work Home and Play Store. Storage solutions can be style statements as well as space savers, and you can have fun choosing your own brand of fashion and flair. Browse through our clever selections of fun and funky designs for innovative storage styles to clear away the clutter and enhance your delightful, decorative home decor. 

Choose Your Favorites from Our Funky Shelves and Storage Products that Rock 

Find fabulous storage solutions to suit your every need among our creative and eclectic online display, including the following items: 

• Book Box - Beatrix Potter Treasury. - This attractive leather bound book-box-styled storage solution is felt lined and displays the well-loved name of a classic children's storybook author, Beatrix Potter. This ingenious storage box delights children and adults with vintage images of the clever, well-clad rabbits, field mice and other country animals as depicted in the author's endearing illustrations of her characters. This is the ideal gift to be treasured for any child's room. It is currently priced at just $25.00. 

• Cabinet Recycled Timber.
- This appealing cabinet design is fashioned from recycled timber and is just the right size for a small living room or bedside table. It has a spacious cupboard and drawer and is a lighthearted, ultra-funky design from Ishka. The drawer displays a stylish metal handle for easy opening. This unique, decorative furniture piece will brighten and enhance any room with its casual theme of Rustic Industrial interior decor. This desirable item is reduced from the price of $350.00 to $199.00 and comes with the guarantee of prompt, free delivery across Australia. 

• Loft Staircase Shelf - Fire Escape RED.
- This charming staircase shelf design in brilliant fire escape red brings a classic New York look and ambiance to your home decor. Its innovative storage design, bright hue and optimal industrial style design create a focal point and conversation piece to adorn the wall alongside your own stairway, vestibule, den or family leisure room with its own basic yet compelling urban-living style. 

Also a great wall piece for the kids' room or for your office, this metal hanging mini-fire escape shelf is the perfect creative storage choice for an authentic Retro-Industrial Home Decor mode. Its dazzling bright red colour is well liked by both children and teens, and each Loft Staircase Shelf is sold with a Surprise Gift. This popular and unique storage solution has been reduced in price from $199.00 to just $80.00. 

When you shop for the most innovative, eclectic and funky shelves and storage products that really rock online at the Work Home and Play Store (workhomeplay.com.au), you will be elated at the unique, innovative and trendy array of products we offer as gift items and for your own personal use for enhancing your home decor. Visit us online today and discover the enchanting world of Work Home and Play.

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