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Meaningful Gift Ideas for Teachers!

Gift Ideas for Teachers! Check out our collection of products which will stand out and be 'something different' to all the other gifts that teachers receive.

Teachers work hard throughout the year.... they invest a lot of Personal Energy into looking and following through with what is best for each individual student.  

It is a nice gesture to show your token of appreciation to thank the teacher for the commitment that they have put into your child.  A gift which is thoughtful is the perfect way to thank your Childs teacher for all their hard work they have provided throughout the year.  Giving the gift towards the end of a busy term four is the perfect reward for a hard working year, and has the perfect timing of being a Christmas Gift, also.

But what to get? The last thing they need (or want!) is 25 boxes of Chocolates or 15 "teacher mugs" from all their students! 

Meaningful Teacher Gift buying can be a little tricky - particularly when you have more than one teacher that you are purchasing for.  We have put together a collection of our favourite products which will show the teacher that you have put a little thought into their gift, making your gift be amongst the more meaningful gifts that they receive, which they will appreciate!

Our Scrabble Stamp Sets and Thimble Holders are lovely present ideas for pre school or day care teachers, our Pencil and Pen Holders (particularly our Smiley range) are practical and amusing presents for Primary school teachers. We would also recommend that you check out our timers - particularly our Sand Glass Hand Blown Hourglass Timer - these make great gift ideas for teachers of all kinds, regardless of whether the person is a male teacher or a female teacher.

When all else fails however - you can never go wrong with a Candle which has an amazing fragrance and a beautiful vessel it sits in, a Turkish Towel or a Classic title of one of our gorgeous leather bound storage book boxes.

Try and have a little think about what may individually suit the preschool, daycare or primary or high school teachers that are in your life, and don't forget to spare a thought for all the sports coaches, music teachers, dance teachers and tutors that often get missed out!

The ideas are endless.... we've specifically tried to provide a collection which steers away from all the traditional memorabilia souvenirs which will simply only end up gathering dust.

All the best with the busyness of the end of year madness!




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