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Loft Staircase Shelves: Unique and Functional Room Décor

When decorating your house, it is nice to add elements that are not just attractive to look at but also are functional in some manner. For example, wall shelves can be both in quite an effectual manner. Here at Work Home Play, we offer different colours of this exact idea, namely our Loft Staircase Shelves, which are in the shape reminiscent of a New York City fire escape. We describe this unit in further detail in the following facts. 

Loft Staircase Shelves Contain Three Levels

Shelves such as these contain three levels. There also are two sets of stairs, one set connects and top shelf to the middle, and the other set connects the middle to the bottom. An opening for the stairs also is included to realistically mimic the style of the New York City fire escapes. 

You Can Select from Multiple Colours

We offer these shelves in five different colours: black, blue, pink, red and white. At this time, though, the white is sold out. This gives you more variety to choose one that suits your preference, and complements your home décor using the latest trends. 

The Loft Staircase Shelf Units Are Ideal for Storing Small Objects or Books

You can store small objects or books on these Fire Escape Shelves as they have sufficient space. Some examples may be; your favourite paperback, a tea light candle and holder, or a diffuser for your fragrances or candle melts.

The latest Trends to Create an Industrial Décor feel in Your Home

The Loft Staircase Shelves add to an industrial vintage décor feel in your home, workspace or teenage retreat.  The Fire Escape Shelf is easily installed securely to the wall, with the enclosed screws.  It is best to do so in wall studs whenever possible, especially when you are storing items on them. 

We Include Two Sets of Firefly Lights and One Surprise Gift for Free With Each Unit 

As a bonus for purchasing one of these unique and functional shelf units, you will receive one surprise gift and two sets or Firefly String Lights at no additional cost. With the latter, you can string them along the shelves to create a soft illumination effect.

For further details on these Loft Staircase Shelves, browse our website or contact us directly. We guarantee that you will enjoy this product for years to come in your home with their unique industrial-style design, and that these Shelves will certainly be a talking point marveled by many.

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