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Mother’s Day: History, Importance, and Special Gifts Online that You Can Afford to Give

Dates and events to honor and celebrate mothers and motherhood are traceable as far back in history as the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, when there were yearly festivals held in praise of the mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea. Early Modern cultures continued this tradition with the "Mothering Sunday" festival, a celebration of mothers in the early days of Christianity. Mothering Sunday today is the fourth Sunday of Lent each year and is commonly referred to as Mothers' Day. However, it is not aligned with the American celebration of Mother's Day.

Originally, Mothering Sunday was a day when daughters (and some sons) who were working as domestic servants were granted a Sunday off from work to spend with their mothers and other family members. In 1908, Anna Jarvis had a commemorative service for her mother at St. Andrew's Methodist Church located in Grafton, WV, USA, and this church now exhibits the International Mother's Day Shrine. Then, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson in the USA signed document that designated Mother's Day as a holiday in honor of all mothers that was to be celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year. The populations of many countries and cultures around the world now have their own yearly festivals or commemorative days to honor their mothers.     

Unique, Attractive and Affordable Online Gifts that You Can Select for Specially for Your Mum

Several attractive and affordable gifts with unique designs from which you will want to select your Mother's Day gift this year include the following:

  • Circle of Love - Feather Mobile Kit.. - This charming, cleverly created mobile of long, fluffy feathers suspended gracefully from a light gold hoop and golden wire strands will bring natural beauty and elegance to the atmosphere when mounted near your mother's favorite lounge chair on the deck or patio. At any hour of the day or evening, the slightest breeze will set the feathers in motion, to dance gently in the sunlight or under the stars.  
  • Metallic Gold Heart Cushion Cover. - This delightful cover will brighten and enliven your mother's favorite cushion both in her bedroom or living room sofa, and even on the comfortable den couch, the patio swing or a reclining chair by the pond in her flower garden. The cushion's brightly coloured gold heart will give your mother a happy reminder how precious she is to you. 
  • Apple Pie and Berry Crumble Dessert Dish. – Ideal for mums who love whipping up delicious desserts, these dessert dishes come with complete recipes that are directly imprinted with their delightful floral designs. Made from high fired porcelain material, your pies and crumble dishes can go directly from oven to your table.

    When you visit the Work Home Play company website at: WorkHomePlay.com.au, you will be overjoyed at the delightful array of creative, unique and ingenious gift items for your choosing. Among the many attractive gifts displayed for sale, you will find an excellent selection of Mother's Day gift ideas and items for that special, one-of-a-kind gift for Mother this year. 

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