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Our Online Store Unique Spring Season Delights

With spring in full swing here in Australia, many shoppers are in search of products that will spruce up their houses and enhance their lives. Since they are no longer in need of heavy jackets and other cold-weather clothing, they have the funds to purchase indoor and outdoor gardening supplies, unique decorations and inflatable floats for the upcoming swimming season just for a few ideas. Luckily, if you are in search of these spring season delights like many shoppers are, you need to look no further than the Work Home Play online store. Read on to discover examples of our products. 

Eggling Crack & Grow with mint lets you grow mint in your home in a unique manner. Mint is a delicious herb to add to various dishes and beverages. Just crack the shell’s top with a tap of a spoon and sit the eggling in its Terracotta tray. Provide a bit of sun and water to it daily and viola, the mint will soon be thriving and ready to harvest. 

Garden Tool Set in the ‘Bower’ pattern is a decorative but useful aluminium shovel and fork set that is ideal for any garden enthusiast. The smooth contoured handles make them easy to grip while digging and working in the soil or potting mix. 

Loft Staircase Shelf comes in a fire escape design and is reminiscent of the ones in New York City in the USA, and its three tiers allow you to display books and knick-knacks in an eye-catching fashion. 

Blow-Up Inflatable Pool Float in the shape of a cactus is a fun way to float around your swimming pool. Its vivid green colour is ideal for both spring and summer. 

Gift in a Tin Flower Pressing Kit is another one of our online store spring season delights since it allows you to preserve and use your favorite blooms. You receive one miniature flower press, pressing paper, flower cutters, cards and envelopes, and glue. 

Tofu & Vegan Treats Kit allows you to make fresh tofu and other soy-based or vegan delicacies. Each kit contains one 1.5 L stainless steel bowel, tofu mould, a GM-free coagulant, muslin cloth, instructions, recipes and a thermometer. Makes 10 batches. 

Giant Thimble Hobby Tidy is a plentiful container in a thimble design. You can store pencils, paint brushes, scissors and more in this container. Also, you can select either silver or gold to ensure that the container complements your décor. 

Contact Work Home Play or browse through our website to learn additional facts about our company and our online store spring season delights. Our products vary from time to time as do their prices, so check back often to ensure that you do not miss any items of interest.

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