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Rainbow Dreams, Unicorns, and Other Fun Gift Ideas Online Only at Work Home Play

When in search of the ideal whimsical gift, look to ones that are full of rainbow dreams and unicorns. After all, rainbows do not happen often with their colourful stripes, and unicorns are legendary, magical creatures that symbolise grace, purity and healing. You can buy gifts based on these items to brighten up a little girl’s room or to celebrate your own fantasy about them. All you need to do is shop at our Work Home Play website to discover delightful unicorn and rainbow inspired products to accomplish this. 

Examples of Our Gifts That Include a Rainbow or Unicorn Theme

Unicorn & Rainbow Mark Your Own Designer Earrings – This earring kit allows the user to create three pairs of laser-cut wooden earrings, one with unicorns, one with hearts and one with rainbows. The kit contains 3 pairs each of earring faces and silver studs, a container of jewellery glue and detailed instructions. Recommended for children over 3 years since the parts are so small. It also is advisable for adults to be present if young children are using the kit. Earrings are approximately 10 mm in size. 

Unicorn Headband Kit – The recipient of this kit can create the ideal headband to use to play make-believe in with its horn and flowers. It comes in purple or pink colour combinations, and each headband is unique since the user puts her imagination to work making it. 

Unicorn-Themed String Fairy Lights – Unicorn magic shines brightly indoors or outdoors with these lights. Includes a one-metre string with 10 unicorn LED lights on it. Whether these lights are in a bedroom or around a pool, unicorn lovers will delight in their touch of whimsy. 

Giant ‘Unicorn Ride-On’ Blow Up Pool Float – Children 6 years and up can enjoy bobbing around in the pool with this float and pretend that they are riding an actual unicorn. Rainbows and sparkles adorn this float to further enhance the experience. 

Colour-Changing LED Unicorn Light – This light illuminates with a magical glow since the colours rotate when the light is on. Orange, pink, purple, green, blue and gold shades alternate to offer a light show on top of illumination to the room. When the light is off, it is white, so it will complement any décor.

Unicorn Money Box – One of our best sellers… This cute unicorn with rainbow coloured mane is a perfectly adorable gift for your child. It is a large ceramic money box that will encourage little kids to save their money. A gift that is not just for play, but also for teaching the good value of being prudent. 

For further rainbow dreams, unicorns and other fun gift ideas online only at Work Home Play, browse through our website at your convenience. We offer work things, play things and home things along with gift inspirations for your consideration. Special payment plans also are available for those who qualify.

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