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Redecorate Your Home for the New Year with Cute Home Décor Items That You Can Buy Online

At this time of the year, you may feel like redecorating your home to ring in the New Year in style. After living with your current décor for so long, you yearn for a more unique atmosphere to relax in each day. The good news is that you can shop online for cute home décor items online at Work Home Play website. Whether you need attractive storage ideas, wall decorations, lighting enhancements, pool décor or other items, our site is the place for you. 

Examples of Our Cute Home Décor Items

  • Timber Vessel & Reed Fragrance Diffuser comes in 2 variants which are Oriental Orchid & Musk, and Bamboo & White Lily. This timber diffuser vessel is designed to fit the Inoko diffuser refill. A beautiful and stunning piece that showcases natural timber with each timber having distinct life lines. Both variants are uniquely special and will captivate your senses giving out aromatic and refreshing fragrance for your home.
  • Concrete Vessel complete with Refillable Candle - Purely Wicked - This Concrete Vessel perfectly stores your candle inside - comes complete with a Concrete Lid to conceal the candle whilst not in use. A stunning décor with scented candles that is perfect for any room in your home.
  • Timber Steamer Trunkprovides an ideal, attractive storage option that you can use in plain sight. The style of it is reminiscent of bygone days. Its size of 56 cm by 35 cm by 34 cm, which give you plenty of space to store your special belongings in to hide them from view. In addition, the outside of this steamer trunk is sufficiently stylish for you to leave out in the living room or other room without it being an eyesore.
  • Colour-Changing Mermaidis an LED light that alternates colours to produce an illuminating, magical glow by your pool or other outdoor area at night. It also is ideal for a child’s room as a night light.
  • Neon Pineapple Light by Sunnylife is made in Australia and provides a tropical touch to your home décor. Also, it complements a retro design.
  • Wall Clock in a do-it-yourself design allows you to adjust the diameter of it to suit your specific wall space. Its silver colouring and unique design complements any contemporary or modern home in a favourable fashion.
  • Round Cotton Braided Rug from Ishka has numerous colours in it and has a 60-cm diameter. This rug is made from cotton jute and recycled fabrics.

For further facts about our cute home décor items that you can buy online from Work Play Home, browse through our site or consult with our staff members. Our company offers high-quality, unique products for a variety of uses ranging from gifts to home decorations. With the help of your digital device or computer, you can shop for your needs without hassle.


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