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Special Occassion Give-Aways that Your Friends and Family will Love

Everyone loves receiving an unexpected, special occasion gift, especially if it is a unique or eclectic novelty item that you can find only in specialty website marketplaces. With so many shopping venues available online and in shopping malls and specialty store complexes today, most people already have all the items they could possible need for contemporary living. However, an unusual give-away item is always appreciated, particularly when it is given as a surprise gift. You can delight your family and friends today by selecting and giving one-of-a-kind gift items from your favorite innovative novelty gift store.  

Specialty Gift Items to Delight Your Family and Friends as Surprise Give-Aways 

You can surprise and delight your family and friends today by purchasing unique or eclectic novelty items, given as surprise give-away gifts for their enjoyment, such as the following: 

• Copper Maple Leaf.- This attractive and delicate Maple Leaf, finely crafted of copper, is ideal as an autumn gift to celebrate the changing of the seasons with colourful foliage that eventually turns various shades of brown and falls from trees and bushes. This appealing leaf design can also be used as a creative Christmas tree or wreath ornament or as part of a seasonal floral arrangement. Regardless of how the recipient of this attractive leaf gift chooses to use it, it is a charming work of art that will draw significant amounts of attention and admiring comments during any season of the year. This item is priced at only $5.00. 

• Colour Changing Mermaid LED Light. - This charming Unicorn Light is composed of non-toxic PVC and offers LED lights for cool, safe lighting around children. When this unique light design is turned off, its attractive mermaid is white. Then, when turned on, her colouring rotates steadily among a variety of intriguing hues to captivate both children and adults. This item is battery-operated, which makes it a good special occasion give-away for youngsters. With its mobility and safe operation, children can easily carry it with them from room to room at home, and it is easily packed for taking along on trips. This delightful Mermaid Light is popular as a surprise birthday gift for children. Current pricing for this item is $18.00.  

• Circle of Love - Feather Mobile Kit. -  This fabulous hanging feather mobile kit comes with all the necessary elements to create your own work of mobile art. This unique design will brighten your home decor with its special contemporary fashion and flair. Your kit will include a set of charming Firefly String Wire lights with convenient battery operation. This eclectic mobile design is available in three colour modes, Mist Grey, Lush Blush and Pretty in Pink for your selection. Add the fascination of pure magic to any room by selecting this item as a surprise give-away gift for any special occasion for a friend or family member. This item is priced at $36.95. 

By shopping for all your special occasion gift giveaways at WorkHomePlay, you will find the most intriguing unique, eclectic and delightful gift items imaginable. Our fabulous website store features the most unusual and innovative gifts you will find anywhere today, and this attractive online shopping venue features something for everyone, from small children to teenagers to parents and older adults. Visit our exciting shopping site today for the most fascinating and creative gift ideas currently available. 

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