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Special Online Gift Ideas for Children: Small Things That Will Make Them Smile

Nothing is as rewarding as giving children gifts that make them smile. When they flash their happy smiles, that is all the thanks you need for your shopping efforts. The trick is to discover just the right items to accomplish this goal. Often, adults think that they need to buy big to make children happy, but the opposite is true most of the time. This is why here at Work Home Play that we stock the following small things for special online gift ideas for children that will make them smile. 

1. Little Miss Sunshine Fridge Magnets include more than 35 die-cut magnets that are based on the Little Miss Sunshine stories. With the help of these magnets, little ones can imagine that they are in Laughterland as they create scenes with rainbows, clouds, flowers, Little Miss Sunshine images and speech bubbles. 

2. Make Your Own Pirate Ship by Gift in a Tin includes enough pieces for children to create their own DIY pirate ship. Each tin contains a wooden pirate ship kit, an eye patch, acrylic paints, a brush, a treasure map, glue and pirate stickers along with complete instructions. 

3. Hugglo Puppy Nightlight will illuminate the bedroom of children to ensure that they are not left all alone in the dark. It also can be a play toy during daytime hours. One tap turns the light on, the second tap causes the light to pulse from dim to bright and the third tap turns it off. 

4. Micro Robot Puzzle comes in a test tube. It consists of 150 miniature pieces that when children complete putting the pieces together forms an image of a robot. This small gift not only makes the children smile but will be fun for the whole family. 

5. Robot Toy by Areaware is a micro fold-up cubebot and it is a folding, bendable robot toy that also is a challenging puzzle for children to solve. While they are having fun, they also will be honing their motor skills. 

6. UFO Cushion is a plush toy with flashing LED lights that is ideal for all children who dream of being in outer space. They can dream and play easily and safely with the super cuddly, soft pillow. The flashing LED lights on the inside of the pillow shine through the soft fabric in a mystical fashion. 

For further special online gift ideas for children, feel free to browse through our site or contact us directly. All of our products for children are high quality and safe for them to play with or handle.

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