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Spring has Sprung!

Spring Gear

Here are some products which we feel you can use to really embrace this time of the year with. We've got heaps of different ways in which you can get outdoor with and enjoy all that the outdoors have to offer.

Just love this time of the year, when we start to think more about being Outdoors.

Thoughts of BBQ's, Picnic's and Beach days can start to become plans, as the days change from that bitter chill, to warm, sunny weather.

Retro Glass Drink Bottles;

These Gorgeous glass bottles will bring delight to any picnic! Featuring cute coloured bottle top lids, with matching solid plastic straws, these bottles will compliment the mood in any traditional picnic!  Old Fashioned, Retro Styled Glass Milk Bottles - just a little bit too cute, we must say!   https://www.workhomeplay.com.au/products/retro-drink-bottles-set-of-4 

Bucket of Napkins;

Well, we can hardly talk about our Glass Milk Bottles without giving a mention to our beautiful bucket of napkin sets!  These buckets, (made of Tin and come in a fresh, glossy white colour), and complete with a set of coloured checkered napkins, are simply charming. 


Garden Tool Set;

It's time to don the workbooks and gardening gloves, and get out into the garden and enjoy the Spring Air and Sunshine.  The hard work will all be worth it whilst using these totally on trend Garden Tools.  Beautifully packaged with artwork of 19th century textile designer William Morris featuring on the tools, this Gardening Tool Set makes a great gift idea for the avid Gardener.  Pair it up with some matching Gardening Pruners, these high quality functioning tools will let your gardening hands work with ease! 


Bamboo String Twine - Spring Blooms;

We love nothing more than fresh, bright and beautiful colours - colours that burst forth with happy, fresh moments.  One of our favourite things are "Brown Paper Packages, tied up with String..."  This Bamboo Bakers Twine is perfect for the finishing touch for that special gift wrapping - perfect for gifts that you give to embrace happy, fun times.


Spring Cleaning;

It's time to shake off the dust and get elbow deep with the Spring Cleaning!  But Cleaning need not be boring, depressing hard work!  Our Stunning Cleaning Gear from the Retro Kitchen will turn this mundane task into something exciting! From Scrubbing Brushes to Dish Brush Sets, Featuring Timber handles and gorgeous colours with traditional styling - you'll be taken back in time to the 'good old days' - do you remember your Grandmother having a Wooden Scrubbing Brush?

Can be beautifully matched up with other Retro Kitchen accessories, such as Pot Holders, Colanders, and Kitchen Tea Towels.

Cleaning - In Style!


Grow your Own Herbs!

Fresh Herbs!  There is nothing more convenient!  Save yourself money & time as well as having the benefit of having your very own fresh herbs on standby.

Our Eggling Crack and Grow Kits are the perfect way to keep your own fresh herb garden handy.  Simply crack the top off your egg - add a little fresh water and sunshine - and watch your herbs start to sprout!  These Egglings Crack and Grow make the perfect gift for the young growing child - soon to be cultivator! Teach Children how to grow plants in an easy mess-free way.  They'll just love watching their egg hatch! Our favourites which we stock are Basil & Mint. Perfect ingredient accessories for many different dishes.


Little Miss Sunshine!

What better time would it be, than to crack out the Little Miss Sunshine fridge magnets?!  Sunshine weather outside also means Sunshine weather inside! Your precious little one will be kept amused whilst engaging with happy moments of imagination and joy, whilst creating and giggling their way through laughter land, using Clouds, Rainbows, Flowers, Speech Bubbles and more from Little Miss Sunshine.  You will certainly feel that Spring has indeed Sprung, with happy, sunshine moments being created on your fridge.


Light Bulb Tipsy Vase;

You may think that you are feeling just a little Tipsy...but I promise you... not when it comes to our Tipsy Light Bulb Vase!  This Novelty Vase has been very cleverly designed to be able to sit upright and stable, all whilst looking like it is about to tip over! It holds water and your Spring Blooms Perfectly...and is quite the attention seeker! Made from Glass and generously sized, your brightly coloured garden blooms will shine brightly from the Tipsy Vase - and for a real talking piece, pair him up with his little buddy - Sober Light Bulb Vase. He stands tall and upright - quite oh so serious!


Candy Coloured Geometric Cushion Cover;

Beautiful, Soft, Velvety Fabric, bursting forth with Candy Colours of Spring.  This Geometric Pattered Cushion Covers is one of our favourites.  Happy colours popping with Style & Trend - this cushion cover is perfect to bring out in Spring. Bring the happiness of Spring into your home, with this stunning home decor.


Hello Sunshine - Cushion Cover;

Decorative Throw Cushion with Bright Cheery Greeting "Hello Sunshine"

Perfect for leaving behind the winter doldrums and embracing the new season of warmer, sunshiny days. Happy Colours, Happy Days, Happy Times. Create some Positive Energy inside your home to match the Warm Happy Energy outside the home.  Beautiful Home Decor, excellent quality fabric featuring a concealed zip.



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