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Your Grandmothers are Mothers Too! More Gift Ideas for Mother's Day that Your Grandma Will Love

Mother's Day will be here soon, and daughters, sons, and spouses of women everywhere will be looking for that special gift in celebration of Mother ("Mum, Mom or Mamma"). One important aspect of this special day in honor of our mothers is that grandmothers should also be included and celebrated with attention and gifts. We should all remember that Grandmothers were also mothers in her earlier years, so she deserves much love and attention, just like Mother. Since you may not see your Grandma as often as Mum, it may take some thoughtful shopping time to find the ideal gift for her along with Mum. One good place to shop for both Mother and Grandmother is the innovative, creative online shopping venue that features unique gift items with attention to special holidays and occasions. 

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day that Your Nanna Will Love and Enjoy Using

• Garden Tool Set - "Bower" Pattern. - This charming Fork & Trowel Garden Tool Set is attractively decorated with 'the Bower pattern' artwork made popular by William Morris, prominent textile designer during the 19th century, as displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Each one cleverly moulded from a single piece of aluminum, these unique garden tools offer easy grip for comfortable use. Nanna will delight in caring for her indoor plants and window boxes, preparing them for placement outdoors on the terrace just in time for their budding flowers to bloom in bright, refreshing springtime hues. This artistic garden tool set measures approximately 15 cm. in length, and Care Instructions are available on the back of its box.    

Candle Soy Wax - Melon Produce. - This pretty, spicy-sweet melon scented candle is hand-cultivated of natural soy wax with a premium cotton wick. Its pure, natural scent and ambiance will bring a welcome, light and uplifting breath of springtime freshness into Nanna’s home. Made from 100 percent pure soy wax, this healthy, attractive candle is long-lasting and will be a delightful addition to your grandma's reading table, mantle or window sill. She will enjoy lighting it during both day and nighttime hours for a light, sweet celebration of the joys of springtime beauty and warmth in the air. This soy wax candle is also available in Rhubarb Produce and Kale Produce scents, and its jar's diameter is 7 cm. with a height of 12 cm. including the lid.       

• Candy Coloured Geometric Cushion Cover. - This soft, creatively designed throw cushion cover with its bright, geometric pattern will add cheer and luster to the decor of any room in Grandmother's home. As a comfortable and decorative feature on her couch, favorite chair or to brighten and enhance the cover and quilt on her bed, this delightful, cheerful cushion cover design will enliven her rooms during any season of the year. In celebration of the spring season, this cushion cover pattern offers many of the fresh, new bourne colours long associated with the early natural plants and flowers of springtime. Made of fine quality, extra-soft velvet with a hidden zip, this attractive cushion cover measures 45 cm. by 45 cm. 

When you shop for Mother's Day gifts this year on the innovative website of Work Home Play (WorkHomePlay.com.au), you will find the ideal creative, unique gifts to delight both your mother and your grandmother. Mum and Granny alike will enjoy many hours and days of delight and very pleasurable use from the specialised, attractive, useful and fun gifts you select for them on this site.

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