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Gift Inspirations

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what the right gift is. We've all been there. What do you get for someone who already has everything?

Let's go over the meaning of some gift giving for different occasions.

Baby Showers

The key to a successful baby shower is good food, friendly company, fun activities and great gifts. The idea is to shower the mother-to-be with practical, beautiful gifts she will cherish, as well as give them a chance to catch up with friends and family before her life is consumed with burping, feeding, and settling her little one to sleep. https://www.workhomeplay.com.au/collections/baby-shower-gifts

Mothers Day
The genesis of Mother’s Day occurred in ancient times with Greek and Roman festivals dedicated to mother goddesses. In the Christian church, the fourth Sunday in Lent – or Mothering Sunday – was traditionally a day when daughters working in domestic service were permitted to visit their mothers.


Valentines Day Gifts

Are you looking for a meaningful and practical gift which will be appreciated and cherished? You should first find out your partners Sun and Moon Sign. Both, Sun and Moon Signs are the most important points in a personal horoscope. They give us valuable clues about deep seated preferences and affinities.

Teacher Appreciation Week
The influence of a good teacher can never be taken away.  Several teachers say that they appreciated when the gift they receive is that of mindfulness.... They've been an instrumental part of their students life for quite some time, during that time they do get to know each other somewhat!  Buying a gift which shows you have put some thoughfulness into, shows that you appreciate all the hard work that your teacher mentor has put into their student.
Anniversary Gifts
Have you ever wondered exactly why it is that we buy Wedding Anniversary Gifts?  Interestingly enough, this tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. There was an underlying belief that gift giving will give the couple concerned, luck. 

For each and every year a couple has spent together, marks a further consolidation of the commitment which the couple has pledged to each other.

By way of celebrating and marking these occasions, the couple will give each other special gifts, each gift to mark the anniversary with its own matter and appropriate value. The order of the value of the gifts indicates the investment which has been dedicated by the couple as they have given themselves to each other, and it is a progressive strengthening of their marriage relationship which is reflected upon the value and materials used for the gifts which are given.