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Grub Mugs - Meal in a Mug (Set of Four)

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Grub Mugs - Set of Four Porcelain Recipe Mugs.  Meal in a Mug! Ideal for Students, Singles and those who are in need of a quick delicious meal in just a few minutes.

These beautiful pack consists of Four Mugs each with tasty recipes printed on it. You'll have your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert all covered, in just one mug and in only a few minutes.

This rustic gift set will expand your culinary palate while satisfying those late night (or early morning) munchies.

Breakfast Mug Recipes;   French Toast, Baked Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs, Berry Muffin

Lunch Hour Mug Recipes; Veg Omelette, Chilaquiles, Pizza, Mac n Cheese

Dinner for 1 Mug: Fancy Quiche, El Burrito, Loaded Potatoes, Cup O' Pasta

Treat yourself Mug: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Jelly Roll, Crispy Rice Treat, Chocolate Lava Cake

Each microwave- and dishwasher-safe porcelain mug is printed with four tasty recipes.



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