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This Product is Australian Safety Complied and is Certified to Australian Safety Regulations. Skootz Hoverboards do not fall under the ACCC Ban.




A great option for both Adults & Kids, being the smaller sized unit. Wheel dimensions 154cm. (6.5inch).

Load rating is 120kg, suitable for both Adults & Kids.

These nifty Skootz self balancing vehicles will see you scooting around in no time! They have been designed to give riders an effort-less riding experience with minimal learning time. To activate acceleration, simply apply pressure with the front of your feet. The same rule applies when you wish to reverse - just apply weight into your heels.

The unit is driven by two driver motors within the wheels that can be controlled with both feet individually for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth breaking.

The Skootz Hover Board Scooters are the greenest way of transportation for commuters and sport lovers. Simply lean your toes forward to travel forward, and lean your body backwards to either stop or reverse. The NEW super funky way for zipping around!

Travelling speeds of up to 14km/hour, with an aproximate battery duration of 40km/distance. Sporting 6.5inch wheels - all of this whilst sporting front and rear LED light flashy funky lights.

These Skootz models have been fitted with and Inteligent Brushless 36v, 700W motors. They have been upgraded and fitted with super long lasting high quality 4.4AH, 1600WH lithium batteries. These upgraded batteries ensure that the skootz will be a more reliable and longer lifetime product, with further distances between re-charge. Re-charging time is only 45 minutes.

Suitable for all ages, according to personal ability.

1) Maximum Speed: 14 km/h. Optional - 10km/h speed limited.

2) Distance Range: up to 40km range . (May vary with rider's weight, road condition, etc)

3) Larger 4.4AH Battery: 160WH Lithium (for up to all day use)

4) Australian Complied Battery and Fast Smart Charger, with Australian plug/lead

5) Maximum load rating: 20 - 120Kg (Better for younger Kids under 30kg yet still good for Adults)

6) Fast Re-charge times: 45-180minutes

7) Weight: 14kg

8) Accessories: Remote Control Key, Manual, Battery Charger

9) All spare parts available for spares to keep your Skootz Products running


1) 1 year warranty on electric motor for all Skootz Self Balancing Scooters

2) 1 year warranty on battery for all Skootz Self Balancing Scooters

3) 1 year warranty on electronic controller for all Skootz Self Balancing Scooters

4) Original purchase reciept must be retained to claim Warranty

5) Warranty is available as a back to base arrangement - Purchaser is responsible for shipment costs for unit to be sent back to base

6) Warranty excluded on Tyres and whatever may be considered as General Wear & Tear

7) Warranty is not included for any external damage the unit may incur, due to water damage, misuse or abuse

8) We can offer this extra long extended period of warranty as a standard on all models purchased, due to the upgraded parts which have been used in these units, which will make them faster, longer lasting and more reliable. We deal direct with the genuine manufacturer, giving you peace of mind for any warranty issues which may occur.

** Please take note; all customers who purchase a Skootz Hoverboard will be required to verify their identification to their shipping address.  Orders for Hoverboards will not be fulfilled until verification is provided. (This is a Banking/Merchant Facility requirement).


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